In its effort to strengthen the ETV program, an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Stakeholders’ Workshop was held in Lourdes Suites, Makati City on July 22, 2010. It was the first ever meeting for the prospective stakeholders of ETV and attended by 43 local participants from government (regulatory agencies and financing agencies), buyers and users of technology, consulting engineers, service providers, environmental organizations, technology developers and vendors. The activity aimed to review the methodology being used in the verification of environmental technologies specifically to: (1) Identify the technology needs of the identified industry sector; (2) Quality Assurance and Quality Control of data being used for ETV; and (3) Discuss issues on the setting up priorities and parameters in technology verification that will address stakeholders’ needs.

There were break-out sessions conducted where participants were given chance to open up their views towards the implementation of the program and shared knowledge on how to attain the above-mentioned objectives of the workshop. Some of them also signified intentions to invest for the verification of technologies and showed interest on the technologies that have been verified.